Award nominations are open through Wednesday, September 30. Nominate yourself or a deserving member for one of these prestigious awards. LBAR will recognize winners for their outstanding contributions to the industry and communities they serve.

All nominations must be submitted using the online form below.

REALTOR® of the Year Nomination Form
Good Neighbor Award Nomination Form



REALTOR® of the Year recognizes those who have served the real estate profession and their communities. Winners are selected for possessing some or all of these qualities: REALTOR® spirit, participation in civic activities, including service clubs, charity, fraternal or religious groups, notable business accomplishments and state, local and/or national association activity, including attendance at national conventions, participation in leadership, or work with NAR’s affiliated institutes, societies, and councils.

2020    Lois Ann Disponett (also 2020 KYR REALTOR® of the Year)
2019    Mike Inman
2018    Mike Gooch
2017    Al Blevins
2016    Anthony de Movellan
2015    John Elling
2014    Barb Curtis
2013    Jonah Mitchell
2012    Jim Broadwater   (also 2013 KYR REALTOR® of the Year)
2011    Casey Weesner
2010    Gale Fulton
2009    Judy Craft
2008    Melissa Poynter
2007    Ann McDonald
2006    Carolyn Edwards
2005    Don Sullivan
2004    Carl Tackett  (also 2016 KYR REALTOR® of the Year)
2003    Jim Mayberry
2002    Mary Ann Garback
2001    Joan Davis
2000    Vicki Weesner
1999    Pat Hayden & Ray Rector
1998    George Scott
1997    Billy Smith
1996    Bonnie Mays
1995    Pat Borg
1994    Carolyn Edwards
1993    Betty Musselman
1992    Becky Murphy
1991    Joan Whitman
1990    Art Peter
1989    Melissa Poynter
1988    Janice Mueller
1987    Jeff Rietze
1986    Jayne Cox
1985    Ede Dillon
1984    Joe Brester
1983    Pat Hayden
1982    Bill Justice
1981    Wade Jefferson
1980    F. D. Kindred
1979    Charlie Murphy
1978    Christine Hall
1977    Don Blevins
1976    Ray Rector
1975    Dorthea Clark
1974    Joan Prather
1973    Doug Gibson
1972    R. B. McClure
1971    Charlie Murphy
1969    Jim True
1968    Buddy Parker
1967    Wendell Tackett
1966    Wendell Tackett


This program recognizes REALTOR® whose extraordinary commitment to community service has helped make their community a better place in which to live. The Good Neighbor awards gives LBAR the opportunity to honor one of the many REALTOR® who give of themselves to improve the quality of life in their communities. REALTOR® are involved in their communities in many different ways. They understand what their community is all about and they jump right in to fill a need. The Good Neighbor Award is a way to recognize outstanding members who often work behind the scenes to make their community a better place to live and build bridges of community understanding.

2020    Liz Hodge
2019    Kate Imhoff
2018    Jennifer Sisson
2017    Ruby Mason
2016    Laura Hayden
2015    Rusty Underwood
2014    Missy Ward
2013    Don Ball
2012    Kristy Gooch
2011     Jim McKeighen
2010    Rock Daniels
2009    Janice Mueller
2008    Gerry Whalen
2007    Jeff Rietze
2006    Janet Royer
2005    Jonah Mitchell
2004    Harold Wilson